Healthcare Information Services Consulting & Entertainment Services

With  50+ years of experience


System Acquistion



The expenses and risks of acquisition of a new system can be minimized.

- Up-front business and needs analysis
- Effective formulation and evaluation of RFI's and Proposals.
- Analysis of cost and benefits of technology alternatives.
- Expert vendor evaluation and contract negotiation.
- Management of transition to new technology
- Monitoring of system implementation process 

Project Management and Product Evaluation and Design


Product Management 

- Development and monitoring of project tasks and plans.
- Project management to maximize productivity and schedules
- Creation of testing/acceptance plans.
- Training for process change and most beneficial use of system.
- Monitoring of system design changes

Product Evaluation and Design

- Development of detailed functional specifications
- Development of detailed operational specifications
- Review of existing and planned products
- Product test documentation and testing protocols
- Assessment of competitive position

Entertainment Services


We provide a wide range of entertainment services.

 - Booking of The New Folksters  (60’s folk group)
- Producing folk festivals
- Hosting House Concerts
- Promoting entertainment functions and artists